Feed Salesforce from the Field

Integrate FieldAware with your Salesforce CRM platform to provide your customers with an informed, quality experience through your field engineers and other sales- and service-related employees.

FieldAware and Salesforce


Despite the importance of Salesforce, most businesses are still manually entering data from the field - after the fact. This results in increased days sales outstanding, lost upsell opportunities, and more overhead for mobile workers and back office staff. FieldAware bridges the gap by seamlessly transferring job data, item costs, customer information, photos, and more from the field back into Salesforce.

FieldAware can even capture pre and post-work signatures from a mobile device. By using the technology that your mobile workers are using today, FieldAware eliminates paperwork and errors that are common at service oriented companies.


FieldAware for Salesforce can help your company:

  • Create jobs directly from Salesforce and feed to FieldAware
  • Associate work orders with accounts, opportunities, and cases
  • Sync customer data, line items, tasks, pictures, and invoices back to Salesforce from the field
  • Map custom fields between Salesforce and FieldAware to completely tailor to your workflow


See Salesforce.com for more information about Salesforce CRM.