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FieldAware Partners with Gadget to Dramatically Enhance the Mobile Experience for Field Service Organizations

New Partnership Further Improves FieldAware's Mobile Capabilities to Convert PDFs Into Mobile-Friendly Files in Minutes for the Ultimate User Experience

Plano, TEXAS – December 15, 2020 — FieldAware, the leader in made-for-mobile, cloud-based field service hub solutions, and Gadget, a new platform modernizing the use of document-based knowledge like Google did for Web-based knowledge, today announced a partnership to provide the ultimate mobile experience with heretofore unavailable analytics for all field service organizations.

Gadget offers an innovative turnkey solution that painlessly automates the transformation of PDF documents into trackable, mobile-friendly experiences without coding or re-writing. Using a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Gadget's software detects topics inside the manual and transforms them into easy-to-read topic data records presented to the service technician as a vPub Smart Manual.

The field services industry faces a systemic challenge resulting from experienced technicians retiring from active service. The partnership paves the way for the next step towards enhancing a new generation of field technician's experience by making them more productive. As a result, each field technician can reduce net repair times, the number of machines repaired correctly per day, and the number of calls made to HQ support, which creates a better customer experience and provides immediate ROI.

"As a company that strives to always be on the forefront of field service technology, we're delighted by the opportunity to partner with Gadget," said Steve Mason, COO of FieldAware. "Their cutting-edge technology is game-changing for field service technicians enabling them to become the experts of tomorrow quickly. This is yet another way to transform the tools of the past to meet the challenges of today and support increased customer excellence and improve operational efficiency."

In addition to improving productivity in the field, users also praise Gadget for its ability to reduce training time, due to how Smart Manuals can leverage blended course content.

As field service companies become increasingly technologically sophisticated, there's no doubt that FieldAware and Gadget will soon become a standard tool in every field service organization's tech stack.

"We are thrilled to partner with FieldAware to provide customers with even faster ROI, while accelerating improvements in productivity, safety, compliance, and customer satisfaction," said Rob Soni, Executive Chairman of Gadget. "Gadget’s breakthrough technology gives field service technicians quick access to the accurate information and answers that they need at the moment that they need it on any device. This empowers them to deliver high accuracy work in less time, resulting in better outcomes."


About FieldAware:

FieldAware is a cutting-edge, cloud-based, mobile field service management hub, empowering companies to transform their field service with automated processes and streamlined operations. FieldAware is advancing field service with comprehensive solutions including optimized scheduling, dynamic and intelligent forms capture, robust reporting and analytics, AR, and IoT. FieldAware’s flexible platform streamlines technician enablement and digitizes business processes while automating the collection and dissemination of field and back-office information. Combining our award-winning, easy to use/easy to adopt software with the industry’s best implementation and support services, FieldAware provides rapid ROI, accelerating improvements in productivity, safety, compliance, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth. Visit


About Gadget Software:

Gadget Software is a patented SaaS leveraging AI and Machine Learning to transform how knowledge in existing documents is used and analyzed, quickly delivering improved business results. Frictionlessly deployed through turnkey services, Gadget customers install, use, and repair products more successfully in less time, while saving on both training expense and support center staffing.


Media contact:
Marc Tatarsky