Get More Out of Every Job

Optimizing field service operations means field workers can work more efficiently and service more calls per day, all while providing a higher level of service to your customers.

Service & Worker Productivity

What are your goals for the growth of your business over the next year? FieldAware increases the number of jobs billed by 20-30% within the first six months after implementation. And, our easy-to-use mobile solution helps field engineers work more efficiently, removing stress from day-to-day work, improving retention and customer satisfaction.

Two-Way Visibility

Field staff benefit from access to information they need in real-time. Field and office staff benefit from getting and updating job-related information in real-time.

  • Schedule and job changes are available immediately – no phone calls or dropped balls.
  • Field staff have access to customer, contact, location, and asset/equipment information.
  • Office staff see current job status – no more phone calls to check up on “What’s the status of job X?”

Power to Get it Done Faster

By digitizing your field service workflow and delivering it to your field staff on a tool they love to use, you create a work environment that just moves faster:

  • Jobs are delivered electronically – no need for staff to come in just for paper work orders.
  • GPS to job locations – no more extra GPS devices or MAPSCO books.
  • Invoices can be generated immediately upon job completion – no more hurdles to jump for payment.