Asset Management

FieldAware enables your business to track internal and customer assets.


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End-to-End Asset Management

Asset downtime is costly. For every minute that an asset is non-functional, operating revenue is impacted and employee costs rise (overtime, reduction in services performed). More importantly, equipment that is non-operational jeopardizes the trust and ultimately, a long-term relationship with customers.

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Manage Assets to Protect Revenue and Customer Relationships

FieldAware's asset management feature plugs revenue leakage caused by inaccurate asset information. It enables you to manage both internal assets and your customer's assets - owned or rented, delivering a detailed record or history that remains connected to the equipment, no matter whether it's assigned to a customer project or new location.

“Before FieldAware, we never had a good way of knowing where our equipment was. Because FieldAware has a place that documents the equipment that we are using, we are able to bill everything at the time it is happening.”

Cindy Dickens
President - Independent Solutions

Operations Benefits

  • Schedule preventative maintenance for assets
  • Schedule jobs according to asset availability
  • Recognize upsell opportunities in the field
  • Provide mobile access to PDFs for schematics, manuals and other equipment-related information
  • Accurately document issues, repairs and the state of the equipment using photos and videos
  • Up to 56% faster processing time for warranty claims

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Executive Benefits

  • Recoup capital outlay through higher asset uptime
  • Reduce payback period through upsell opportunities
  • Forecast equipment replacement
  • Benefit from all asset data in one centralized location
  • Expedite asset revenue generation by maximizing uptime
  • Up to 5.5% Improvement year-over-year warranty-related repair/return costs

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