Field Service Reporting

Measure performance and improve process.


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In-Depth Visibility Into Your Operations

FieldAware provides both standard and customized reports and dashboards that enable your company to quickly determine the performance of specific processes, people and products. By aggregating data from the field, your business can measure the KPls that drive meaningful business decisions. Dashboards can be tailored for easy consumption by any department or leadership team.

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Powerful End-to-End Reporting Engine

FieldAware customers all have custom fields, which raises the need for a fully customizable reporting platform. Using Custom Reporting, business leaders can aggregate multiple performance, revenue and utilization reports into a single dashboard.

Actionable Insights That Make Your Business a Success

No two operations are identical. Each FieldAware Custom Reporting platform is displayed with your company's branding and is designed the measure the KPls that are unique to your business. All of this is built atop a user-friendly interface that almost any user can master.

“We use FieldAware reporting to drill down into the drivers that support our KPIs and utilize these reports and tools to help improve efficiencies and with that comes increased margins. What’s measured, gets done.”

Chris Britt
President - M.E.S.O., Inc.

Operations Benefits

  • Easily monitor service KPIs such as job time, lead time, and job delays
  • View dashboards from a high level or dig into the granular details
  • Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reports right to your email inbox
  • Identify your highest-performing team members

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Executive Benefits

  • Make informed business decisions using key metrics
  • Discover which services are generating the most revenue for your business
  • Identify areas of revenue leakage
  • Verify that jobs are serviced, closed and promptly invoiced

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IT Benefits

  • Operational components are all stored and executed in the cloud, reducing total cost of ownership
  • Eliminating the need to export data to local files means data is centralized
  • Reports support custom fields meaning no customization is necessary

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