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Turn Field Service into a productivity driving, cash accelerating, service excellence machine with FieldAware.

For businesses with field service teams, its all about delivering the best service in the most efficient, cost- effective way. Often deployed for installation, maintenance, and repair, among other tasks, field employees need to be informed and connected to offer superior service. With service work occuring out of the office, companies often lack visibility, historically making field service difficult to manage.

Field service software helps businesses provide better service at lower costs by automating scheduling, dispatch, management and execution of work that occurs in the field. Our simple, made-for-mobile, software syncs back to your back-office business systems, helping you get more done each day and improving visibility into the entire process.

With FieldAware, you can transform field service from a cost center to a profit center. You’ll accelerate cash flow, improve technician utilization and satisfy your customers while keeping a handle on costs by using innovative service management software in the cloud.

FieldAware Solution Overview

Efficient Scheduling and Dispatch

FieldAware provides the visibility you need to optimize schedules and dispatch techs faster and more efficiently. You can transmit rush jobs or schedule changes instantly to the assigned technician using a mobile phone. You always know that the technicians in the field you send to a job has the skills and training to finish the job, cutting down on costly repeat visits, and you have insight into future planned jobs as well as completed work.

  • Minimize downtime
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Optimize overall service performance

Intuitive Mobile Applications for Instant Communication

You want your techs to spend their time helping customers, not figuring out how the software works. That’s why we make FieldAware native mobile apps simple to use with minimal training but powerful enough to provide the capabilities you need to get things done. The customer’s work history, job details and documentation are all right there in the palm of your field teams’ hand. Route planning helps minimize travel time and customers can sign off on the job right on the device, so you can invoice faster and more accurately.

  • Improved productivity and faster invoicing
  • Works online or offline for optimum efficiency
  • Better, faster information availability

Instant Work Order Details for Fast Resolution

Transform your orders from messy or illegible paper to digital work orders that speed up the process while reducing errors, eliminating unnecessary delays and preventing lost orders. We deliver order instantly details to any iOS, Windows or Android device, so your field team has all the information they need to complete the job in a single visit. And since you get a signed order transmitted immediately, there are no delays in invoicing and no questions about order accuracy.

  • Real time visibility into all order details
  • Easy to integrate with ERP or CRM
  • More orders completed in a single visit

Happier Customers with a Customer Portal

In today’s fast-paced world, customers prefer self-service for routine transactions such as requesting service or viewing work history. A customer portal enables customers to quickly and easily accomplish these tasks at a time convenient for them. No waiting on hold or navigating through complicated systems--customers see their information quickly and completely. FieldAware Customer Portal can be personalized to match your branding or your website, helping to establish your brand as a provider of excellent service.

  • Simple to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Saves money
  • Better customer service

Effective Asset Management

Managing assets requires visibility into status and history, whether the asset is on your premises or one of your customers’ sites. Downtime is expensive and causes unhappy customers, impacting delivery performance and slowing down every aspect of operations.

  • Improved scheduling based on equipment availability
  • Timely preventive maintenance prevents future breakdowns
  • Faster, more accurate warranty management cuts costs

Actionable Reporting - Better for Your Business

You can’t run your business profitably without insight into performance or timely accurate information to support decisions. Dashboard reports tailored to a user or department cuts out the confusion by presenting information in a clear easy to understand format that helps the team make better decisions.

  • Flexible user interface provides dynamic data visualization
  • Monitor KPIs in near real time
  • Drill deep into details to answer questions
  • Automatic data updates multiple times daily

Improved Accuracy with Bar Code Scanning

Instantly locate or view the history of any asset, order or customer just by scanning a bar code or QR code. Increases accuracy while improving efficiency for field personnel with instant access to the information they need to do their jobs.

  • Instant access to item, task or asset information
  • More accurate and efficient than keying in item numbers

SaaS Makes IT Simple

Your core competency is providing great products and services, not running IT systems. That’s why FieldAware in the cloud is the ideal solution to improve efficiency and free up capital and other resources for more strategic endeavors. Let us manage the mundane day-to-day details of managing your system while you work on growing the business.

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