Scheduling and Dispatch

Scale, without having to add back office personnel to your payroll.



Faster, More Accurate Scheduling

Without the right technology, making the right scheduling decisions requires vast amounts of time and resources. The FieldAware Smart Scheduler is a force multiplier for your back office staff—giving unprecedented visibility and insight.

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Total Visibility into Past, Present, and Future Work

For a service business, every truck roll is expensive. FieldAware reduces the need for multiple visits by putting customer work history, asset tracking capabilities and job documentation at the field engineer's fingertips. Because there is no need for stacks of paperwork, the back office can see the job status in real-time and field engineers have everything they need right from their mobile device.

Limiting Whitespace in the Work Day

The FieldAware Smart Scheduler has built in logic that can help you increase your employee and asset utilization. It takes into consideration service regions, worker skills and location, and route efficiency. The result is less travel time, fewer truck rolls, and a better first time fix rate.

"Scheduling service calls is easy and they are transmitted in real time out to the engineers for viewing and updating on their tablets, PCs or smart phones. The automation of the service chain has freed up the scheduler’s time and they now focus on other tasks, in turn, eliminating the need to hire more people.”

Erlyn Grevelt
Supply Chain Coordinator - Intimus International

Operations Benefits

  • Decrease the gap between when a customer request comes in and dispatch
  • Increase utilization of field staff and assets
  • Increase first time fix rate

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Executive Benefits

  • Scale the business without the need for additional back office personnel
  • Eliminate wasted time that results from poor scheduling decisions

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