Self-Service Portal

Fewer Phone Calls, Better Service

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How much time would your company’s office staff save if customers could request new service – without a phone call? And how much more productive would they be if customer’s could view the status of current requests and jobs on any computer, tablet or smartphone?

FieldAware’s Self-Service Portal can provide the answers.


Our web-based customer self-service portal enables your customers to:

  • Request new service
  • View a list of service locations
  • View existing, accepted jobs
  • View past invoices
  • View a list of serviceable equipment

FieldAware App

Customized for Your Business

And the portal is easy to set up using our built-in templates that enable you to include your company’s logo, choose the layout and color of the page(s) displayed and customize the greeting, questions you want to ask regarding the service request and automated email responses to meet the unique needs of your business.

Self-Service Portal Spec Sheet
View Self-Service Portal Spec Sheet (PDF)

Self-Service Portal Spec Sheet

Want to learn more? Download the spec sheet, email us, or call {phone} to get more information.