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Water Treatment

Increase productivity in water treatment operations with robust mobile field technology.

Attract the Next Generation Workforce

Businesses servicing one or many waste streams within water management are challenged by a shrinking workforce, imposed government compliance and high safety standards. Managing these challenges combined with an increase in business demand from industries dependent on the water supply to manufacture their products has water treatment businesses looking for ways to optimize their service chain.

Automation of your water service business will improve efficiencies allowing your organization to:

  • Easily adhere to compliance with government standards by automating the capture of regulatory forms.
  • Automate and track important safety standards.
  • Grow your service revenue with the ability to take on new water treatment offerings.
  • Provide a mobile application that's easily adopted by an aging workforce and expected from a younger generation.
  • Manage service costs with greater visibility into the service chain.
  • Document jobs with photos and videos that are date/time stamped and tagged with the latitude/longitude of the location where the work is performed.
  • Improve collaboration between your field workers and home office.

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