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On-Site Power Generation

For some businesses, losing power is non-negotiable, and with more and more blackouts becoming a regular seasonal occurance, the need for backup power through on-site power generation is becoming critical.

Field Service Power Backing Your Backup Power

On-site power generation services are growing, but with this growth however, comes more responsibility for on-site power generation service companies to provide exceptional service. FieldAware's field service solution for on-site power generation makes it possible for businesses to maximize operations, improve worker production and keep customers happy.

On-site power generation field service allows the field worker to touch all aspects of your business.

Optimize Resources and Capture Accurate Data

FieldAware's smart scheduling capabilities empower on-site power generation businesses to optimize field resources by being able to assign the right skilled technicians to the right jobs in the right order. Whereas our mobile forms allow technicians to capture rich, accurate data all in one place, making it easier and smoother to process jobs.

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What Does FieldAware Provide Specific To On-Site Power Generation?

  • Support for unlimited assets under a single location and support for unlimited locations under a single customer record
  • Scheduling of recurring jobs for routine maintenance, cleaning, etc.
  • Workflows to ensure that all required documentation is captured correctly on the first visit
  • Features to capture photos, videos and electronic signatures that provide historical documentation for each job
  • Timekeeper feature that enables field users to capture their time associated with a job and/or capture their time in and out for the full day
  • Automatic conversion of a quote to a job upon approval

On-Site Power Generation Testimonials

“We chose FieldAware because it’s customizable, reliable and mobile. It supports the two thirds of our employees who are out in the field using smartphones. FieldAware also integrates seamlessly with NetSuite ERP, which we’ve used for CRM, accounting, invoicing and fixed assets since 2013.”

Rob Somrak

CFO — Generator Systems

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Discover how FieldAware connects your entire field service operations and drives value to every part of your business.

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