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COVID-19 Recovery

For many businesses, the global COVID-19 pandemic has created significant economic stress, but as the world economy begins to see signs of recovery, FieldAware has solutions to help support your service organization across every step of the COVID-19 recovery journey.

Field Service Solutions Built for Recovery and Beyond.

These are unprecedented times that require many changes at a rapid pace. FieldAware provides customizeable features that adapt quickly to new emerging business requirements, and grants the flexibility to build a new business-as-usual that may change daily.

Front line field service workers.

COVID-19 Recovery Is A Journey, Not A Single Step

Due to this pandemic, many companies have had to chart new paths that are not just for today, but also for tomorrow. FieldAware easily adapts to new journeys and utlilizes data to help track the success of each new direction.

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Changing Business Environments Require Flexibility

Being able to pivot and make immediate changes right away is more critical than ever. With new regulations and operating protocol requirements due to COVID-19, FieldAware's Smart Scheduler empowers scheduling and dispatch to input new rules and requirements. Using Planning Mode, dispatchers are able to test different scenarios and choose the best option, for most jobs completed, best techs working each job and more. When sites and locations become restricted or begin to reopen, FieldAware's Smart Scheduler is able to reroute technicians right away, limiting down time for your crew.

Best-of-Breed Solutions To Meet Unique Challenges

FieldAware offers various solutions to meet new needs that go along with COVID-19 recovery. Is contactless delivery a new requirement? What about capturing signatures from jobs while keeping a proper social distance? Has Augmented Reality allowed technicians to work together without having to be together in the same room? FieldAware's field service hub empowers field service organizations to conduct work, no matter what challenge may arise.

FieldAware And Localz Integration Demo

Using FieldAware as a field service hub to combine Localz advanced uberized technician communications is a powerful one-two punch for customer satisfaction.

FieldAware Forms

Automated forms allowing you to embed forms into your mobile workflow.

FieldAware And Ubimax Deliver Augmented Reality

FieldAware can act as a field service hub to bring the power of augmented reality to any field service organization through out partnership with Ubimax.

FieldAware Insights

Real insights into your business operations with FieldAware Insights.

“We worked with FieldAware on what we wanted and why we wanted it and were able to get the reports we needed to meet our requirements. FieldAware encompasses everything we need.”

Kris Knowles

Maintenance Manager — Cedar Management

Adapting FieldAware To Address New Covid-19 Protocols

Changing workflows due to COVID-19 restrictions can be done within seconds. With FieldAware's new COVID-19 permit within the Smart Scheduler, scheduling and dispatch can make mass updates and reassign technicians, all without the worry of dispatching techs to restricted zones.

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