Get Over Growing Pains By Going Mobile

Get in more calls per day, locate every truck, and eliminate paper work orders. Instead, there is instant access and visibility into every call.

Business to Consumer

Each and every time a truck rolls in a field service based-business, it costs an average of $300. When there’s limited communication between the dispatchers and the field, money is wasted. This occurs through means such as poor route planning and technicians having to call dispatch for customer history.

FieldLocate helps to eliminate this challenge by providing technicians with access to each customer’s full history so they know what work has been done and how to best work with each customer. Field technicians enter information such as work orders and customer into the FieldAware app on their mobile device, which is then sent directly to dispatchers. And through FieldLocate’s browser-based app, GPS tracking enable dispatchers to track every truck, plan routes for efficiency, and respond to emergency calls immediately by assigning jobs to the truck nearest to the location of the call.  

Some browser-based apps don’t perform well because they require constant connectivity and Internet access to run their software in the smartphone browser. They must transmit each entire web page to the phone, which slows the user down tremendously. And if the connection is poor or gets broken, the app won’t work. The FieldLocate Mobile App is a native app, meaning the software resides on the phone, and minimizes the amount of time it takes to retrieve information or make updates so your technicians stay productive and are not bogged down by slow internet connections.

In addition, FieldLocate enables B2C businesses to:

  • View customizable reports of jobs, revenue, inventory, employee hours, customer surveys, invoices and customer data.
  • Review cash flow on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly basis.
  • Access an At-A-Glance Dashboard with status of all jobs (scheduled, started, paused, completed) across the company. 
  • Assess productivity of individual staff members across jobs and tasks.
  • Invoice immediately upon job completion reduces invoice cycle and improves cash flow.
  • Accept mobile payments and electronic signatures for work orders and invoices.
  • Take job site photos and send to customer or office for troubleshooting.
  • Have real-time job and location tracking make job reassignment more efficient and can increase the number of assigned jobs.