IT’s Stress-free Business Application

Support your business through a flexible field service application, which operates on an open platform and delivers powerful reporting

IT Executive

IT professionals have minimal interaction with FieldAware’s low-maintenance, full-service cloud infrastructure and all-in, update deployment strategy. Your business will not need to host or maintain servers, nor perform process updates. FieldAware is hosted through Amazon Web Services (AWS) and being a cloud-based platform, our updates are pushed automatically as they become available.

Outsourcing of field service management reduces internal server load requirements within your business. This helps to improve response times for mission critical, on-prem core applications such as accounting, operating systems, and other apps used the run your business.

In addition, FieldAware:

  • Is Android, Windows and iOS compatible.
  • Runs on Windows and Mac computers.
  • Has no limits on system capacity.
  • Being hosted through AWS provides stability and reliability.
  • Has all data is encrypted through 256-bit SSL security encryption.
  • Provides user-level access control.

FieldAware’s makes it easy for those in the IT role by delivering a low-maintenance solution for your business that is always up to date. 

FieldAware Architecture