Every Minute Counts in Operations

The ability to track when field engineers arrive to a call, down to the minute, can save a significant amount of money and resources per year.


Each time a truck rolls, it costs an average of $300 to a business. Operations managers are responsible for ensuring the business gains maximum value from this expense. This includes maintaining quality standards and carefully monitoring safety regulations, the customer experience and every dime of revenue, all through the activities of field personnel. Without the right tools, this can be a stressful responsibility.

FieldAware field service management takes the edge off this responsibility. It empowers operations executives with tools to control their system within one powerful application. Route optimization streamlines dispatch to service more jobs per day. Service order and inventory management ensures they have accurate information and the correct parts and equipment to keep first-time fix rates high. This amounts to higher customer satisfaction, which lays the foundation for higher cross- and up-sells from your team

Know which field engineers are performing the best, with which product lines and how promotion and external factors influence trends. These actionable insights empower operations executives with the tools needed for less stressful days, more productive results and a stronger bottom line for the business.

More value with FieldAware:

  • Easy to adopt in the field, keeping transition time to a minimum
  • Helps to identify gaps in the revenue stream and employee performance
  • Significantly reduces operational costs through optimized and automated process
  • Turn-by-turn directions mean your engineers have few distractions and arrive safely and on time.
  • Provides BI dashboard reports to track metrics (jobs, work time, delays, employees, revenue, invoices)

FieldAware is a key tool for operations managers to maintain insight of field activities, improve revenue and deliver a quality experience to their customers.