White Paper: Roll Trucks for Revenue (Only!) Using Field Service Automation



Understanding and containing the cost of every truck roll is important to field service organizations, even more important is ensuring that every truck roll produces revenue. Truck rolls that do not produce revenue are a double-edge sword that not only increase operating costs, they also reduce the number of work orders that can be completed by each vehicle/technician every day.

Topics Include:

  • Automate scheduling and dispatch
  • Decrease return trips
  • Automate the invoice process

Vehicle costs will probably continue to rise. However, although keeping operating costs down is important, field service organizations can produce greater impact on Automating the invoice process can accelerate cash flow more than 300%. their bottom line by using Field Service Automation – and FieldAware – to ensure that every truck roll produces revenue. The potential revenue impact of just one less non-revenue producing truck roll per vehicle per day is more than ten times the potential cost savings.