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Simplify Your Field Operation

FieldAware’s vision is to simplify field service management and put the focus of our technology where it matters most: in the field. Our dynamic solutions are built to drive the maximum productivity from field workers while providing the real-time information and reporting to the back office.

Integrate With Your Current Systems

Built to seamlessly integrate with other applications, FieldAware wants you to extend the value of solutions you already have and is the modern, flexible choice for today’s field service organization. Fast and easy to implement, FieldAware delivers rapid ROI and unprecedented ease of use, whether your team uses iOS, Windows or Android apps in the field.

Take Advantage of Leading Technology

We built our innovative field service management solution from the ground up to solve the most challenging issues in managing field service operations. Our team has years of experience in the field service industry, so we understand the problems you face every day and tools you need to solve those challenges.

Built in the cloud and customizable to your workflows, we put reliability and flexibility at the heart of our field service solutions.

We aim to make life easier for your dispatchers and field teams, so they get more done every day. We take advantage of the newest technologies that make operating your service business easier, so you can focus on running your business, not running your systems.

Modern Field Service Management

FieldAware is the new face of Field Service. Unlike legacy systems that can be lengthy and complex to implement, FieldAware connects your business to your customers using a simple, downloadable mobile application and an intuitive web application. All in the cloud and leveraging SaaS technology.

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Field Service that Benefits your Entire Organization

See how FieldAware drives value to every part of your business.

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  • More efficient customer service means happier customers and higher revenue
  • Streamlined processes accelerate cash flow and eliminates customer disputes
  • Better visibility and faster communications create a more connected organization
  • Synchronizes with existing systems to eliminate disruption to your business
  • Turns your field service organization into a profit center
  • Built in analytics helps spot trends and potential issues for fast action and decision support
  • Immediate invoicing to improve cash flow
  • Invoice accuracy: no more forgotten materials or expenses, eliminates customer disputes
  • Create technician timesheets for instant cost analysis
  • Control field service cost by minimizing travel costs, overtime and repeat visits
  • Easy integration means no more duplicate data entry or slow system replication
  • Syncs directly with accounting systems to provide immediate visibility into jobs invoiced and outstanding
  • Fast ROI and implementation
  • No upfront capital investment with SaaS
  • Fully documented open API architecture makes FieldAware simple and cost effective to integrate with existing business systems
  • Improves field service management with purpose-built capabilities ERP or CRM systems can’t match
  • Cloud solution frees up the IT team from mundane maintenance tasks allowing focus on more strategic activities
  • No hardware or mobile investment: downloadable mobile apps which run on any platform/device
  • Fast implementation, minimal user training, rapid ROI
  • Simple dispatch process increases efficiency: prioritize and assign jobs quickly and easily
  • Assign work to the right resource: right skills, right location, right parts
  • Minimize travel time and expenses by geo-grouping jobs
  • Never miss an appointment with instant one click visibility into team locations
  • Close more jobs on the first visit
  • Improve service delivery for your customers
  • Maximize billable hours by scheduling next visits or follow ups while still onsite
  • One-touch data collection completes job documentation quickly and accurately
  • Eliminates cumbersome paperwork after each job
  • Runs on any mobile device
  • Automatic documentation of work eliminates later customer disputes
  • Sign off and create invoices onsite, closing jobs down quicker
  • Streamlines administrative processes for greater efficiency
  • Allows more jobs to be completed quicker, each and every day

Connect with FieldAware

If this sounds like the answer to your field service management issues, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe that’s why world-class companies such as ServiceMaster, Intimus International, ThermoKing and hundreds of other businesses are FieldAware customers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you solve your most difficult field service challenges.

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