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Premier Field Service Management Software.

Improve first-time-fix rates, complete more jobs in less time, and make your customers happier with FieldAware, the field service software from GPS Insight.
FieldAware Field Service Management Software Built for NetSuite


FieldAware is the #1 Field Service Management Platform in the World

The FieldAware field service management solution is designed to serve as the focal point for your daily operations. We expedite tedious back-office processes like scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing to empower your field technicians by bringing vital project information to their fingertips. The FieldAware Field Service Hub is your next step toward operational efficiency.


Streamline Operations by Automating Manual Processes.

Empower your field staff with vital project information directly accessible from their Android or iOS devices, and allow them to access job details, custom checklists, and customer information without scouring through a mountain of paperwork.

Take the next step toward operational efficiency by optimizing day-to-day tasks.

FieldAware for NetSuite.

FieldAware for NetSuite is a made-for-mobile field service management solution for NetSuite customers with a focus on simplicity, ease of use and flexibility.


Give Customers Shared Visibility from Start to Finish.

No more calls to HQ to get unknown customer info. Increase professionalism in the field when your techs have all the job details on hand. By using FieldAware to improve the customer experience, you’ll get to:

Enable service techs to leave your customer satisfied and boost first-time fix rates.


Stop Returning to Old Jobs Due to Bad Information.

Increase customer retention and field technician satisfaction by sending jobs instantly to their devices while they’re on-site. 

With the power to submit and transfer important documents electronically, your technicians will be able to complete more jobs during their workday without revisiting past service calls.

Maximize technician productivity now.

FSM Improve Efficiency and Planning

Robust Tools for Industry Professionals

We understand your needs and provide the capabilities you require. Regardless of whether your business operates in Oil & Gas, service delivery, landscaping, HVAC, or another sector, our solutions provide increased visibility and productivity for a wide variety of field service businesses.

Building and Construction

Enhancing comfort, functionality, efficiency, and safety for building and construction services.

Facility and Property Management

Elevating productivity and job optimization for the facility and property management industry.


Increasing business operations performance for industrial companies.


Enabling commercial equipment customers with a reliable FSM software solution.


No More Phone Tag or Unanswered Text Messages.

Dispatchers can visit the dashboard to view all relevant job information such as job status, vehicle status, and current location. Replace useless back-and-forth calls with up-to-date job information that’s readily accessible within the FieldAware app.
Get Answers Faster


Set Alerts and Reminders to Assist Techs from a Distance.

With our real-time work order management, you can stop manually tracking job data on paper. Handle all aspects through our mobile app and quickly quote jobs, build work orders, and invoice in one place. Receive notifications for completed docs, pending authorizations, repair requests, and more.


Finish Jobs on Time and Expedite Billing.

Provide accurate job costing and completion estimates to hit KPIs and ensure your techs are operating strictly within their quoted windows. Pull expense reports based on user, parts, customer, or asset to augment inventory management. After jobs are finished, track who has been billed, who has paid, and what payments are pending.

Enterprise Strength Features Now Accessible to the Mid-Market

FieldAware simplifies field service management, putting the focus of our technology where it matters most — in the field. Our key features and capabilities help your service organization deliver high-impact results.

Mobile App

FieldAware provides a mobile app to serve as a central hub for your field staff. It puts the resources of their home office at their fingertips, supplying them with vital project information, schematics, work orders, and schedules so that they are empowered to do their job to their highest potential.

Schedule & Dispatch

Our software is designed to expedite the scheduling process for office staff and optimize your field team’s working time. Input their service areas, expertise, and past project information, and our software will automatically optimize the entire team’s schedules at the click of a button. It also sends it to their mobile app in real time.
Information Management
This platform’s robust design allows it to house all of the information that your field team needs to succeed. Upload photos, documentation, work orders, schematics, and so much more at the click of a button. Your field team will be able to access all of the information they need to do quality work, quickly.
Increased Transparency
Our field service management software isn’t just for the field teams. FieldAware is packed with analytics and reporting capabilities, supplying management with the data and metrics they need to plan for the future of your business.

Experience And Results

FieldAware has helped pioneer the modern, mobile field service industry. After years of proven customer support in both small business and enterprise backgrounds, our results and impact speak volumes.
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“We looked at 30 different software companies, FieldAware was the only one that ticked the majority of the boxes that we set up. We launched day one using FieldAware. It is everything we need in one place.”
Mark Barnes Manager — Plumbingforce
“We looked at multiple systems and we ended up choosing FieldAware. They had a seamless integration with QuickBooks, there was support included and it was the most economical.”
Jeff Devine, Owner — Allied Glass
“We chose FieldAware because it’s customizable, reliable and mobile. It supports the two thirds of our employees who are out in the field using smartphones. FieldAware also integrates seamlessly with NetSuite ERP, which we’ve used for CRM, accounting, invoicing and fixed assets since 2013.”
Rob Somrak, CFO — Generator Systems
“We worked with FieldAware on what we wanted and why we wanted it and were able to get the reports we needed to meet our requirements. FieldAware encompasses everything we need.”
Kris Knowles, Maintenance Manager — Cedar Management
“I recommend [FieldAware] because of the sheer power and simplicity from a user experience standpoint, but also the power of the integration capabilities with an ERP solution…plus, we have the ability to capture a lot of data and utilize that data in a lot of ways.”
Michael Mah, Vice President of IT at Spark Power
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Build a Job, Select a Tech, and Dispatch in Seconds.

FieldAware’s Smart Scheduler allows you to automate dispatching so that both office and field teams are in sync. No more waiting around for directions in between jobs, everyone is on task and on time after unlocking our connective capabilities.


Existing Connectivity with Accounting, ERP, and CRM systems.

Forget about the pains of manually tracking work orders. Everything is handled directly through the FieldAware suite through pre-built, or custom-built, integrations with an array of field service software on the market. Quote your jobs, craft work orders, and produce invoices from a tablet or smart phone.


Even Those Who Prefer Manual Methods Enjoy Switching to FieldAware.

FieldAware is one of the easiest applications you’ll deal with. If you can type in Word, Excel, or Quickbooks, you’re going to love its user-friendliness and adaptivity to existing business software or IoT programs. Even techs who aren’t 100% computer-savvy will pick it up with ease.


Save Time on Each Job and Get More Work Done Daily.

Learn the benefits of keeping this simple, and digital. Meeting the most revolutionary platform for field service since you started in the industry.

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