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Time Management.

Getting the most out of your team in the shortest amount of time helps your bottom line, making it critical to find the right field service time management app. 

Replace Inefficient, Manual Field Service Time Tracking

With our field service time tracking capabilities, automate time clocking, enhance policy adherence, and get complete visibility into your workforce with our field service time app. Keep track of the hours your employees work in real-time using the Timekeeper feature. Field workers can track how many hours they work, reducing conflicts over payroll amounts. The Timekeeper feature eliminates several manual steps, reduces the risk of errors in reporting, and ultimately saves time for both the technicians and the office staff. 

Logging Time Has Never Been Easier

The FieldAware mobile app allows technicians to track their time using the easy clock-in and clock-out feature on their mobile device. Mobile users can now manage their FieldAware work and log their actual time at work, even if it is not all spent on field service jobs. By keeping track of drive time versus work time, you can keep technicians accountable and reduce payroll conflicts.

Here is what FieldAware’s Time Management capabilities can do for your different teams…

The FieldAware Timekeeper Feature

Timekeeper functions include:

  • Log worked hours over an entire day or week, and not just active job time
  • Capture non-job time, such as training, off-site days, etc.
  • Add notes to time entries to explain absence, late arrival, early finish, and more
  • Time entries can be extracted via the FieldAware API for integration with payroll and other services

Timesheet Reporting

Through the API, a log of the user’s time entries can be utilized by managers to inform payroll systems and reports. The employee hours can be used for payroll, eliminating paper time sheets, or requiring employees to physically clock in at a location. Coupled with our other features, the Timekeeper helps you keep track of your employees, where they are working, and how long they are working in real-time. 

"Our paperwork orders are virtually gone, the office staff is happy, and the field techs are generating about 15% more business than last year in roughly the same amount of time. Our cash flow has also improved because we’re able to invoice for work immediately after jobs are complete. It’s a whole new business.”

Chris McFadden

Service Director — Cross Refrigeration

Who Benefits from Scheduling & Dispatch?

Operations & Dispatch
  • Maximize billable hours by scheduling next visits or follow ups while still onsite
  • Streamline your field service business workflow
  • Track, monitor and close service calls faster

The Field

  • Monitor and record daily working hours
  • Amplify task and project management
  • Quickly download the app and easily navigate the software

Executive & Owner

  • Access to valuable field-collected data to forecast sales for future periods
  • Better visibility and faster communications create a more connected organization
  • Reduced overhead by eliminating paper-based or redundant processes that consume employee time

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