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Industrial Equipment.

Identify hidden costs to improve industrial equipment service margins and grow your revenue through field inventory service automation.


Identify Your Industrial Asset Management Software

Industrial equipment manufacturers are typically asset-intensive businesses which require 24/7 productivity. Proper maintenance of industrial equipment ensures peak performance and prevents future costly repairs. Discover how to improve business performance with FieldAware’s industrial asset management software. 

Improve Your Business Performance for Field Inventory Services

FieldAware is an industrial asset management software that streamlines and automates field inventory services to increase efficiency, prevent equipment downtime, and maximize productivity.

What Does FieldAware Provide Specific to Your Industry?

  • Offset the financial impact associated with increased energy, logistics, and personnel costs
  • Eliminate the paper process and personnel hours required to enter field-related data
  • Reduce costly mistakes in field data and communications
  • Harness the power to remain competitive as more companies are re-shoring their operations
  • Connect measurers, engineers, installation and other field personnel to the back office
  • Track problem machines and anticipate replacement or failure rates to proactively service the customer
  • Provide an additional layer of continuity for regulatory compliance

Industry Expertise

Industrial Equipment manufacturers are very diverse spanning many sub-segments from heavy equipment and waste management to textiles and rubber products. Regardless of the type of equipment, the customers all want the same thing — they want their equipment to be operational around the clock. With FieldAware, your customers will be able to streamline service operations to improve efficiency and productivity.

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Discover how FieldAware connects your entire field service operations and drives value to every part of your business.