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A Field Service Hub That's Different

See why our innovative, modern and flexible field service hub is a top field service management software.

What Makes FieldAware The Top Field Service Management Software?

FieldAware’s field service hub vision is to simplify field service management and put the focus of our technology where it matters most — in the field. Our dynamic solutions are built to drive the maximum productivity from field workers while providing real-time information and reporting to the back office.  We also enable our customers to preserve and extend their existing technology investments with easy ERP & CRM integration. 


Innovative Modern Platform

Our made-for-mobile solutions are built on the newest technologies. We built our innovative field service management solution from the ground up to solve the most challenging issues in managing field service operations.

Built in the cloud and customizable to your workflows, we put reliability and flexibility at the heart of our field service solutions. Our vision is to create a modern field service hub that makes life easier for your dispatchers and field teams, so they get more done every day. 

Our solutions have been designed from the ground up for service execution. Our mobile app has a refined user interface that provides mobile workers with consistent access to targeted service workflows regardless of internet connectivity. Our flexible and configurable work order process accommodates a variety of use cases and comes complete with scheduling, crew assignments, checklists and work order debrief so you can focus on running your business, not running your systems.

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Configurable & Flexible

Today’s field service operations are made up of a multitude of people, processes and parts. Every industry has unique requirements and workflows. It’s important that your Field Service solution has the flexibility to meet the demands of your business now – and later. Many solutions, however, are built on top of existing CRM or ERP platforms and this can limit their ability to meet operational demands or incorporate processes for which they were not designed. 

That’s why we built FieldAware to be a flexible, purpose-built field service automation hub. We designed FieldAware to be highly configurable and extensible to accommodate unique business and workflow requirements in a variety of industries and types of field work.

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Easy to Use & Adopt

The face of field service has changed, and technology has changed. Technicians are the priority and they need easy-to-use, easy-to-adopt tools and automation. That’s why we built our apps to be simple to use yet feature-packed.

To deliver this user experience, we developed discrete mobile and tablet applications that were designed alongside our web app. This approach ensures optimal use of screen resolutions, intuitive menus, legible data fields and seamless workflows that are easy to align to back office processes, making them easy to navigate and use.

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Rapid ROI

With any new solution, how fast you can go live is key. Cloud-based solutions allow you to be up and running quickly and simply. At FieldAware, we take advantage of a SaaS platform's nimble virtues and combine our vast field service expertise and experience to provide for fast implementation and easy adoption by your field teams.

Our platform is scalable, and we’ve developed unique toolkits for implementation, training, customer success, support and product enhancements to power our quick path to value process while leveraging:

  • Highly configurable solution to quickly adapt to workflows
  • Pre-built connects to provide seamless integration
  • Deep integration to extend the technology you already use
  • Simple, intuitive apps that lead to quicker adoption
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Enterprise Strength Features

FieldAware has experience successfully delivering solutions to field service organizations ranging in size from 10 to several 1,000 field technicians. In order to meet the diverse needs of this customer base, FieldAware has developed enterprise-level features and capabilities that efficiently scale. Whether it is our dynamic digital forms solutions, our world-class reporting and analytics solution or our robust schedule optimization engine, all customers get access to the best FieldAware has to offer, all at an affordable price.

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