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Field Service Knowledge Management

Have all the knowledge you need at your fingertips with FieldAware’s field service management solutions.

Take Better Actions With Field Service Knowledge Management 

With a field service management solution, completing tasks in a consistent, efficient manner across teams becomes possible. Now, field technicians can access all job information, communicate directly with the back office and see previous job history all in one place.


Field service worker

Managing Your Knowledge Transfer To Field Service Teams Is Easy With FieldAware

How do you ensure your workers in the field (technicians, engineers, delivery personnel, etc) are executing at a high level and keeping your customers satisfied? FieldAware's knowledge transfer solutions are designed to give your field workers an easy and accurate way to perform each job exactly the way they're supposed to.

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Here is what Field Service Knowledge Management capabilities can do for your field technician teams…

Turn Every Technician Into An Expert

Because our software is built for mobile field workers, your best practices can go wherever they go. This gives them access to:

  • Standardized job task lists and site-specific requirements
  • Critical job documents like equipment instructions, product manuals, warranty information, videos and photos
  • Safety checklists, schematics, declarations
  • Complete equipment history, repair notes and support history
  • Job checkpoints and signoffs
Office and field personnel

Maximize Technician Productivity

FieldAware also makes it easy for office and field personnel to communicate clearly and accurately before, during and after field execution. This keeps a closed loop on all activities performed and allows office personnel to update the field worker with any changes. Ensuring they not only accurately account for their work, but also follow the right steps for consistent and compliant service.

The FieldAware Benefit

FieldAware keeps technicians focused and productive with instant access to all the knowledge, support documents and insights.

  • Improve first time fix rates and avoid costly second truck rolls
  • Improve technician utilization rates and productivity by ensuring quick access to answers
  • Document and leverage communal knowledge, work history and other job specific details
  • Reduce staff training time
  • Built in feedback loops

Knowledge Management Testimonials

“FieldAware is a very simple app for engineers and at the same time, it gives me a huge array of complex information. When an IT solution can offer me that, I’m very pleased.”

Gunther Dehaes

General Manager — Intimus International

Results from Knowledge Management

12% Improved staff retention

22% Improved customer satisfaction

16% Fewer incomplete orders

Who Benefits From Knowledge Management?

operations and dispatch

Operations & Dispatch

  • Close more jobs on the first visit
  • Streamline your field service business workflow
  • Deliver unmatched customer service
the field

The Field

  • Work more efficiently
  • Have customer and equipment history on your mobile device
  • Access customer history
executive and owner

Executive & Owner

  • Add capability without adding operational cost
  • More efficient customer service means happier customers and higher revenue

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