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Building & Construction Field Services.

Properly maintained mechanical, electrical, plumbing, refrigeration and HVAC equipment equals success for Building & Construction Field Services.


Discover a Field Service App for Construction Companies

Whether its installation or maintenance that you specialize in, FieldAware is experienced in offering a field service app for construction companies that makes it easier for construction field service companies to improve comfort, functionality, efficiency and safety for the buildings and customers you service.


Improve Customer Service and Operational Efficiency

FieldAware is a field service app for construction companies that offers building and construction service providers a direct path to top-line growth. We do this by making it effortless to improve customer service. At the same time, we also automate processes that increase productivity and operational efficiency.


FieldAware Offers a Variety Industry-specific Features

What Does FieldAware Provide Specific to Your Industry?

  • Automated scheduling and dispatch functions that increase productivity by 20 – 30% of number of jobs billed within the first six months
  • Improved first-time resolutions by 60 – 75% by providing field workers with instant access to information and expert resources from the job site
  • Self-service customer portal for service requests and service tracking to reduce administrative burden and provide a differentiated customer experience
  • Ability to document safety and compliance conformance with editable forms and time and geo-stamped photos and videos from the job site
  • Smart scheduling to ensure that the right tech with the right skills is dispatched to the job

Industry Expertise

For Building and Construction companies who deal with the installation and maintenance of systems and equipment, the competition is fierce. Your technicians are your connection to your customers, and they need to be equipped with the best possible tools to provide efficient service, so you can stay one step ahead of the competition. With FieldAware, they have access to all the data they need to quickly assess and resolve problems so that your customers stay happy.

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