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Types Of Field Service Work

We specialize in many types of Field Service Work, making it possible for businesses and field service techs to offer exceptional, optimized service to all their customers.

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What Does A Field Service Technician Do?

For businesses with field service techs, it’s all about delivering the best service in the most efficient, cost-effective way. Often deployed for installation, maintenance and repair, among other tasks, field employees need to be informed and connected to offer superior service. 

FieldAware helps businesses provide better field service work at lower costs by automating scheduling, dispatch, management and execution of work that occurs in the field. Our simple, made-for-mobile software syncs back to your back-office business systems, helping you get more done each day and improving visibility into the entire process.

HVAC workers

Equipment Installation

One of the most common field activities for many industries is equipment installations. FieldAware makes the end-to-end process easier for your teams to handle installation & maintenance work. Our highly configurable workflows and customizable fields allows clients to build guided installation activities and tasks that make it very simple to collect data and avoid errors.

Whether your customer has a single installation, or several hundreds, FieldAware can easily and effectively capture work performed on multiple assets on a single job. We can also help your field technician pinpoint where they need to be, even if installations are in a single facility or across many different facilities. All critical customer information, tasks and documentation for each installation are right in the palm of their hands.

Work Order Management

maintenance worker

Preventative & Predictive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is evolving and FieldAware is right there to support you. Today, working smarter with better information about equipment condition is critical to ensure effective maintenance. Leading service organizations can significantly reduce equipment downtime by anticipating service needs when equipment status is monitored through the Internet of Things (IoT). With predictive maintenance, service organizations can predict potential breakage or equipment failures and fix it before it impacts the customer or your bottom line.

The service organization's ability to respond instantly when things go wrong and dispatch field service techs with the skills, tools, and insights needed to fix the problems fast is essential for organizations looking to support assets as a service. When incorporated with an IoT Platform like ThingTech, FieldAware can receive real-time alerts sent from the sensors on your equipment, process them and automatically generate service requests.  When further coupled with machine learning, IoT enabled-FieldAware can turn your service operations into a predictive maintenance powerhouse.

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repair worker

Break-Fix & Emergency Repairs

If your focus is break-fix or emergency repairs, FieldAware is built for you. Things break. Parts wear out. Components fail. And when they do, it’s a scramble to fix them and in the meantime, progress and productivity grinds to a halt.  The impacts of asset downtime are issues that keep everyone awake at night. For a break-fix-focused service business, every truck roll costs money. FieldAware reduces or eliminates the need for multiple visits by putting customer work history, asset tracking capabilities and job documentation at the field engineer's fingertips.

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field crew meeting

Complex Jobs & Crew Management

Scheduling crews and managing work on complex jobs is no problem with FieldAware's software. We understand that complex jobs can require multiple resources working in shifts over days, weeks or months on highly complex assets. As workload requirements ebb and flow over time, schedulers and service managers need to be able to add and remove service crew members with ease and total visibility as well as track hours of service (sometimes based on union rules).

The FieldAware crew scheduling functionality gives field service companies the ability to assign a crew lead to a job with multiple field workers, provide dynamic job duration based on multiple workers contributing to the job at varying times, actively show the members of a crew on a job with multiple workers, provide the status of the field service work, and create a single invoice for a job that was completed with multiple workers – all through the FieldAware mobile app or on a web browser.

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Drive efficiency and growth of inspections from the field or office with FieldAware. Inspectors and auditors work in many sectors, including construction, civil infrastructure, real estate, facilities management, food handling, sanitation inspection, telecommunications and energy, among others. These mobile workers make multiple daily visits to different sites to collect detailed readings and ensuring data measurements tracible and up to standards is critical. 

Our solution makes data collection easy by presenting the correct template, forms and set of steps for each selected product, enabling faster completion via mobile devices. Designed specifically for highly complex inspections, our dynamic forms enable field workers to receive inspection work orders on their mobile device, containing all the information they need to complete an authorized, paperless equipment, site or other inspection.  Field workers are outfitted with an easy-to-use mobile interface for collecting data, managing inspections, work requests, and tracking activity.

Learn About Dynamic Forms

Field service auditor


Whether your field service techs need to complete pre-installation audits, safety audits, post installation or remediation audits that help validate the current state of a project or the validation of work completed, FieldAware has the custom forms and workflows to support you. Many quality control and audit activities require complex, structured and standardized reports. FieldAware is ideal for field workers completing audits and asset inspections, because reports can be captured directly on a mobile device. 

Our dynamic FieldAware forms solution makes it easy to organize and structure quantitative and qualitative data so you can capture the details digitally, attach it to the asset work history and generate statistics. It is easy to create complex and rich reports with integrated photos and other details captured on the worksite.

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site surveyor

Site Surveys

FieldAware increases site inspection and surveying efficiency by automating and transforming the field paperwork process.  When you digitize your existing paper-based processes across inspection or compliance forms and safety checklists, you can dramatically improve field technician efficiency and improve accuracy.  With FieldAware, your field workers will have access to all previous documentation for every inspection, site and customer at their fingertips on a mobile device.  They will have access to a full site inspection history and customer documentation to help them make better decision and recommendations. 

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compliance worker

Regulatory Compliance

FieldAware allows you to standardize your compliance and safety checks with customizable electronic forms to validate you're within acceptable standards. Whether you work in construction, medical equipment or waste management, compliance can be a necessary evil, a chore, or even a struggle, but it is a critical part of business. There are a variety of important factors that must be checked, some multiple times a day. Equipment tolerances, proper safety gear and fire & security devices could all be things you check and recheck. Any oversight can lead to disastrous consequences. Paperwork hurts your productivity and your bottom line.

FieldAware provides an automated solution that allows field workers to:

  • Capture field data and automate business processes with digital dynamic forms
  • Leverage auto-populate fields to eliminate manual data re-entry
  • Quickly create quotes, PDFs and compliance documentation automatically
  • Integrate inspection field data across your back-office systems in real time
  • Easily attach photos, markup and barcodes as well as add annotations to inspection forms
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