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Ardmore Fresh Air


Ardmore Fresh Air has been providing service, repairs, installation and maintenance for residential and commercial heating and cooling needs throughout the greater Chicago area for over three decades. Being in such a highly competitive area of the country, the company needs to stay on top of the latest trends in “green” solutions, as well as ensure their technicians are performing at optimal efficiency.

That was the task facing Beata Trojniak, office manager at Ardmore. “We wanted to improve the way we dispatched jobs to technicians,” she says. “First we would take the calls as they come into the office, where we managed the schedule. Then we would call, text or have the technicians come in each morning to receive their jobs. The biggest challenge was making sure everyone had all of the information for a job and knew where they were going.”

Benefits Only FieldAware Can Deliver

Trojniak wanted a way to centralize all the company’s information, and the FieldAware field service management solution promised to literally put everything the staff needed at their fingertips. This cloud-based solution can be accessed anywhere and anytime, most conveniently via the FieldAware Mobile App. Available for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets; it gives technicians in the field instant access to all job details, customer information, job history, location information, asset information and notifications all in one place.

“Scheduling has improved, and it is faster now, because we no longer have to call or text jobs out to technicians,” says Trojniak. “It also gives them a map of exactly where they are going, which they like too. When we schedule new jobs or move the schedule around, the technicians get the information sent straight to their phones.”

Meanwhile, at Ardmore’s main office, Trojniak has been exploring other capabilities of the FieldAware system. “We are working on putting all of our assets in the system, so it is more organized,” she says. “When a call comes in we can add equipment to a job so the technicians know what they need to have with them.”

Trojniak gets a 360-degree view of Ardmore’s business from the FieldAware Scheduler. “First thing in the morning, I look at the jobs and make sure everything is assigned. I also look at the previous day to make sure everything is completed so I can do invoicing. And that’s now quicker and more organized; our invoicing time has been cut in half from two hours to one.”

In addition to being pleased with the product, Trojniak has praise for FieldAware’s customer support. “It has been great. If we have a little question here or there they always get back to us right away. It’s great to have everything in one place.”

Beata Trojniak, Office Manager