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Cote's Mechanical


Rapid business growth is a high-class problem to have and most businesses would love the problem. Cote Wyatt, of Cote’s Mechanical in Sanger, Texas was experiencing just that problem. In 2012, Cote started to see his business grow as a result of a strong relationship with a business partner. He knew that his internal processes would put a choke-hold on his business if he didn’t do something different.

Cote was running his business in the traditional way that many heating and air conditioning companies run their field operations. Cote admits, “The old process took a lot of time. We were faced with a mound of paperwork every day. The admin staff would enter the work order into the system, and then have to enter the parts. We were moving so fast with the growth of the business, it took two full people to handle the work.” If he didn’t make a change, Cote knew they’d never keep up.

Benefits Only FieldAware Can Deliver

Knowing that there were many options for automated systems in the market, Cote began shopping around. He found FieldAware and believed, “It was the best product and it fits our business structure. It also could be fully customized and we liked that.” Cote indicated that bringing FieldAware into their business took very little transition. “Within 30 days, the entire company, including the office staff and field technicians had the system down pat. It was easy to use and understand,” said Cote.

As with every customer, FieldAware’s sales engineers helped to get Cote’s Mechanical up and running quickly. “FieldAware helped us customize the system and fields to fit our business, “ said Cote. He added, “We created a notes section in the FieldAware system that helped support all of the warranty work we were doing. We also created tasks for each thing a technician does and created checklists for each type of job.”

The cost savings that FieldAware delivers to the business is very real. Cote outlined, “We have been able to reduce our labor costs on administrative functions by $60,000 annually. Then you have to factor in how much it has improved customer service. FieldAware streamlined our parts ordering from jobs and created efficiencies in the field and that could be as much as another $100,000 of improvement in the business.”

Gone are the days where Cote had to hunt a technician down in the field to know what was going on. “I can go right into FieldAware and look at the job and the tasks assigned to the technician. I can review the notes and photos of the job that the technician entered. I can even do a quote for the customer without even going out to the job site” said Cote.

When asked what Cote liked most about the system he stated, “Beyond the saving from data entry and more efficient processes, the FieldAware system gives us great visibility into every job. It is right there, live for everyone to view.” FieldAware transformed Cote’s Mechanical and is believed to be a key part of supporting a growing and healthy business.