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Eco Electric


Eco Electric is one of the leading electrical contractors in the Las Vegas area, serving both residential and commercial markets. The needs of their clients are foremost in their concerns, and as fully licensed electricians, they strive to serve with timely service and quality work on every job site.

Streamline Processes and Increase Capacity

Because of the breadth of jobs they perform on a daily basis, Eco Electrical was in need of an automated system to help them with customer management, service scheduling, and job dispatching. FieldAware has streamlined their processes, increased their capacity and helped them deliver more revenue to their bottom line.

“Since we started with FieldAware, it is easier to manage multiple employees & dispatch jobs with no more text messaging all of the job details and hoping the techs got the information. We are much more organized now. I love the ability to track all of my guys — when they start a job, and when they are done. We have increased our business by 20% since we started with FieldAware and recently added two more techs.”

Melissa Dodson, Manager