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Mainline Mechanical Services


With under 15 employees covering the metropolitan Atlanta market, plus Macon, Georgia, Mainline Mechanical Services is the quintessential small business. According to Che Johnson, Owner, the company “started small, hardly expecting it to become so big.

Since starting out, much of her work was handled manually. “We had paper field invoices and QuickBooks, and the technicians would have to get signatures. So we were doing double work—filling out paperwork, doing data entry and sending out paperwork. Sometimes the techs would run out of paper invoices and have to come back into the office for them. Some jobs would slip through the cracks, which is a financial disaster.”

Such concern fueled Johnson’s desire to find a better solution. “I looked into field service automation because I wanted to track communications and make sure nothing was forgotten. I wanted to keep an electronic file of everything instead of paper.”

Benefits Only FieldAware Can Deliver

Johnson looked into a variety of solutions—“one even wined and dined us,” she says—but decided that FieldAware’s powerful, flexible and easy-to-use software solution offered the features essential to making Mainline Mechanical Services more efficient. “FieldAware is very simple, but absolutely meets all of our needs. First, there’s instantly knowing when a job is complete. Previously it would take a couple of weeks for invoices to be sent; now I invoice immediately, so it literally takes seconds. Then there’s the ease of dispatching—one phone call and it’s done and dispatched at the end of the call.”

That efficiency has helped Johnson pay more attention to other aspects of the business. “We have absolutely been able to become more efficient with our jobs and take on more jobs. We are actively soliciting again since we have the time.”

On a daily basis, the FieldAware system helps her accomplish the most important tasks immediately. “When I go on, I look at the day, week, and month view, just to see where everyone is and where we are on projects. I make sure we have all the inventory we need. I can even check the weather. FieldAware has cut down on the amount of stress, especially during our busy season in the summer when you have so many people calling.”

Her technicians also appreciate the help FieldAware provides. “They can accomplish more because they do not have to wait for communication. I can look and see if they’ve checked in and out, I can track their hours. We know when they are on lunch. The little things really do save you a lot of time and money. We also save on gas.”

“Overall, FieldAware is the best at what it does, and at customer service,” she says. “I honestly can’t say anything bad about FieldAware. It is so much more than just a program—the company has helped us make this product fit us. It’s really, really the best experience I’ve ever had.”

Che Johnson, Owner