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WayPoint Systems

About WayPoint Systems

Since 1999, WayPoint Systems has provided advanced building technologies for a wide variety of industries and buildings throughout the Southeast U.S. The company provides safe, comfortable and efficient building environments through technology solutions, preventative maintenance contracts and break-fix service calls. Services include temperature control systems, life safety systems and other special systems for facilities, and cutting-edge integration technology.

Business Challenges

“I wanted a service automation system simply because I was tired of using paper,” says Matt Bennett, Service Manager at WayPoint. “We were using 3-ply handwritten forms that weren’t making it back to the office in a timely manner, if at all, and we had customer disputes if they were illegible. We’re a technology provider, yet we weren’t putting our best foot forward sending technicians out with paper forms to fill out. We should be all electronic.”

Illegible work orders weren’t the only drawbacks of being paper-based. “It would take three to four weeks to get an invoice out after a job was complete,” says Bennett. “Also, if I had a contract customer ask me what we did this quarter, I’d have to have someone go through and pull the file and scan all the tickets. It was wasting a lot of time for everybody.”

Why FieldAware

After researching various software options to help WayPoint make the leap into automation, Bennett decided that FieldAware, the cloud-based service management solution, had all the features they needed.

“Out of all the systems we looked at, FieldAware by far was the best fit for our business model,” he says. “The system is fully customizable and easy to set up. I was able to input our customer and parts lists within ten minutes. That was the most important thing to me—it’s intuitive and user-friendly.”

Since then, Bennett has been able to become much more efficient, and so has WayPoint. Customer billing disputes have decreased, thanks to pre- and post-work signatures, and no more illegible work orders. He can also respond much faster to customer inquiries because everything can be pulled up in the FieldAware interface. “Now I can just click on the customer and I’ve got everything I need right there. It is a lot easier. And I get fantastic customer support when I need it.”

Matt Bennett, Service Manager