Protect your customers’ business by anticipating service needs that keeps their equipment operational.

Commercial Equipment

For companies who specialize in commercial equipment sales and service, optimizing field operations reduces overhead and improves critical cash flow. FieldAware’s powerful and easy-to-use field service management software gives your team the ability to schedule and dispatch the right tech for the right job, review full work order history, track your customer’s equipment, and use analytics to uncover new opportunities. FieldAware enables commercial equipment manufacturers to:

  • Be responsive to deliver the most qualified field engineer to your customers when commercial equipment is down
  • Evaluate field performance to make strategic decisions for changes within the area you service
  • Facilitate upsell and cross-sell opportunities for field engineers to be in alignment with supply and demand
  • Use visibility into field operations to be more agile and take advantage of population and industry growth
  • Track equipment history and safety records for regulatory compliance
  • Easily access collected field data to compare ventures into emerging markets and product line


Industry Expertise:

Commercial Equipment manufacturers are usually classified by the type of products that are handled by the machinery such as retail trade, wholesale trade and the food service industry as well as warehouses and supply depots. Commercial equipment is often the lifeblood of the businesses that rely on it. Downtime can mean major losses for the business owners, your customers. With FieldAware, you will improve first-time fix rates and the overall service experience of your customer while improving operations and service profitability.

Our FieldAware field service management solution is ideally suited for the following sub-segments of Commercial Equipment manufacturing:

Food Processing [More]

Food Service [More]

Restaurant Equipment



Agricultural [More]



Cross Refrigeration
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  • “This alone has led to a 15% increase in overall revenue without any staff increases and provides greater benefi t to our customers from the improved service we can deliver."

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Thermal King
[Case Study]

  • "It was easy all the way."
  • "FieldAware saves me at least three hours a day."

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Five Steps to Field Service Safety
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  • Learn more about how advanced forms can transform your commercial services Field Service safety with this eBook.

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