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QuickBooks Work Order Connector.

FieldAware’s two-way integration with QuickBooks provides a bridge for the dreaded information gap. Sync customers, contacts, locations, and invoices to reduce days sales outstanding.


Better Accounting Is Possible With FieldAware's Quickbooks Integration

They say that a software is only as good as the information that runs through it. With FieldAware’s integration with QuickBooks, companies will have the peace of mind that all of its vital information is consistently and accurately managed. 

By integrating FieldAware with QuickBooks, invoices can be sent from FieldAware directly into your accounting system with one click, significantly reducing days sales outstanding. No more manual entry of data.

About Our QuickBooks Field Service Software Integration

FieldAware is an intuitive, easy-to-use, made-for-mobile platform that supports the automation of your service operations. Utilizing the power and flexibility of FieldAware’s APIs and the Cloud-Elements platform, users will be able to create and update customer information across both FieldAware and QuickBooks in real-time. 

Invoices generated in FieldAware will be sent directly to QuickBooks.


Here is what FieldAware’s Mobile App capabilities can do for your service organization...

FieldAware Helps You Stay Organized

FieldAware integrates with your existing accounting system like QuickBooks to ensure all data is taken into consideration for job allocations and metrics generation.

  • Two-way integration that can sync customers, contacts, locations, and invoices
  • Compatible with QuickBooks online and desktop
  • Automatically feed invoices generated in FieldAware directly in QuickBooks
  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

“We looked at multiple systems and we ended up choosing FieldAware. They had a seamless integration with QuickBooks, there was support included and it was the most economical.”

Jeff Devine

Owner — Allied Glass


Increase in revenue through never missing a service call


Improvement in revenue generation


Improvement in staff retention

Who Benefits From Field Service Mobile Apps?

Operations & Dispatch
  • Eliminate the need for timely status checks to the field
  • Customer, asset and job data are accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Field staff can be fully trained in as little as two hours


  • User onboarding is as simple as downloading the app and logging in
  • Native application works offline – where no data connection is available
Executive & Owner
  • Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) by eliminating paperwork and reentry of data
  • Monitor service metrics to repair revenue leakage
  • Reduce customer churn by 22% by arming your field staff with customer data

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