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Schedule Optimization & Route Planning

Reach a whole new level of field service maturity with FieldAware’s field service route and schedule optimization capabilities.

Field Service Route And Schedule Optimization

When it comes to managing daily routes and schedules, it pays to be flexible and agile, but with so many rules, requirements and time limitations, it isn't always easy to find the best solution for the problem at hand. FieldAware's Smart Scheduler provides route and schedule optimization capabilites stripping away the stress and applying logic to do the heavy lifting for you. Finding best-case scenarios to get the maximum jobs done with the most qualified techs are no longer a guessing game, but an absolute.

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Increase The Productivity And Effectiveness Of Your Field Resources

The FieldAware Smart Scheduler gives your business the ability to scale, without having to add back field or office personnel to your payroll. Without the right technology, making the right scheduling decisions to increase productivity requires vast amounts of time and resources. The FieldAware Smart Scheduler is a force multiplier for your back-office staff — giving unprecedented visibility and insight.

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Here is what FieldAware’s Route & Schedule Optimization capabilities can do for your scheduling and dispatch teams…

Share Implicit Knowledge And Drive Consistent Planning Processes

Are senior planners outperforming their junior colleagues because they better understand your customers and the requirements present at each job site? FieldAware's scheduling policies take into account the implicit knowledge that more seasoned team members know and creates rules around skills, permits, techinican working hours and availibilty. This drives consistent planning processes from planners of all levels and helps management identify potential process improvements through policy deviation reports.

Limit Whitespace In The Workday

The FieldAware Smart Scheduler has built-in logic that can help you increase your employee and asset utilization. It takes into consideration service regions, worker skills, technician location and route efficiency. The result is less travel time, more jobs compleerd, fewer repeat truck rolls and a better first-time fix rate.

Schedule Optimization Software & Route Planning Delivers Rich Capabilities

Key features of FieldAware’s Smart Scheduler route and schedule optimization software:

  • Scheduling policies to balance business objectives
  • Rapid optimization response times using analytics and AI best results spotter
  • Planning mode, safe environment where schedules are built using “what-if” techniques
  • Job time windows respect customer appointments and extended PM visit windows
  • Optimization considers travel time estimate based on street-level routing
  • Ability to report on scheduling rule deviations
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Benefits Of Field Service Route And Schedule Optimization Software

Providing benefits throughout the service organization:

  • Ensures planners adhere to preset business criteria when making decisions.
  • Improves planner productivity with optimization results returned in seconds to minutes.
  • Increases quality and effectiveness of schedules by merging planner knowledge, optimized results and predefined business criteria.
  • Improves customer service and field efficiency by meeting SLA commitments and clustering work reducing wasteful travel.
  • Improves decision making logic leading to higher quality operations.
  • Identifies coaching and training opportunities for planners based on policey deviations.
FieldAware scheduling & dispatch software

Keep A Happy Customer Every Step Of The Way

A strained customer relationship due to failures of honoring SLAs, making appointments on time and achieving timely completion of multi-stage work is a hard thing to overcome and can cost you business. Avoid this stresser with FieldAware's Smart Scheduler optimization features, which improve the quality of service experienced by your customers through faster fix times and greater adherence to SLAs.

Routing & Scheduling Software Testimonials

"Scheduling service calls are easy, and they are transmitted in real time out to the engineers for viewing and updating on their tablets, PCs or smart phones. The automation of the service chain has freed up the scheduler’s time and they now focus on other tasks, in turn, eliminating the need to hire more people.”

Erlyn Grevelt

Supply Chain Coordinator — Intimus International

Results from Schedule Optimization Software

10% Increase in field worker productivity

22% Reduce customer churn by proper technician allocation

18% Reduce operational overhead and fuel costs

Who Benefits From Route And Schedule Optimization?

operations and dispatch

Operations & Dispatch

  • Improve your first-time fix rates
  • Decrease the gap between when a customer request comes in and is dispatched
  • Increase utilization of field staff and assets
the field

The Field

  • Know your routes and how to get to your next appointment
  • Never miss a service call window
  • Displays new and active jobs
executive and owner

Executive & Owner

  • Scale the business without the need for additional back office personnel
  • Eliminate wasted time that results from poor scheduling decisions

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