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Work Order Management System.

Establish a better process for your field service work orders.

An Easier Way To Process Service Work Orders

FieldAware digitizes every field service work order — from the time it is created to the moment it is invoiced to the customer. Eliminate lost jobs, delight customers, and eradicate illegible work orders with FieldAware’s field service work order management system.

Accelerate the Work Order Lifecycle

The typical paper work order travels many miles and email work orders are inefficient and filled with errors. FieldAware takes a different approach. We instantly send work orders to your field staff using a work order app any iOS, Android, or Windows device. They have all the data they need to complete the job right on the very first visit. You get a signed, ready-to-invoice work order as soon as the job is complete.

Here is what FieldAware’s Work Order Management capabilities can do for your Operations teams…

Work Order App For Complete Job Details

With one tap, your field staff has all the information they need to complete the job.

Field staff can view and modify:

  • Customer location
  • Customer contact(s)
  • Task and parts associated with the work
  • Customer equipment (asset)
  • Service history of that equipment (asset)
  • Photos or view attachments, such as manuals or schematics

Job Tracking Is Easy And Accurate With Work Order Management Software

With FieldAware’s work order tracking software, you can track jobs from wherever you are. You know where your field workers are and what they’re doing in real-time. The color-coded schedule board and automated alerts keep the office updated on job status whether they’re en route, on site or finished. Map integration shows you at a glance where they are without having to make several calls.

Better Job Performance And Visibility

FieldAware’s field service work order management is completely digital and integrates with the existing ERP, CRM, and accounting systems you use today. The result is real-time visibility and accurate data, helping your business to effectively, across the entire enterprise, become more efficient — and grow!

"We can provide urgent work requests with all of the relevant data right to our crews’ phones, while the office staff has the knowledge of whether the job has been completed, and its outcome.”

David Benoit

General Manager of ServiceMaster Clean


Fewer incomplete orders


Increased daily work order completions


Increased revenue while never missing a service call

Who Benefits from Work Order Management?

Operations & Dispatch
  • Provide field staff with complete customer, asset, item, and location information
  • Increase the average number of jobs completed per day
  • Improve your first-time fix rates

The Field

  • Automatic documentation of work eliminates later customer disputes
  • Allows more jobs to be completed quicker, each and every day
Executive & Owner
  • Collect on completed jobs faster and streamline the work order process
  • Maintain data integrity across the organization by digitizing work orders and integrating with existing ERP, CRM, and accounting systems

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